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Moving Your Pet to Hawaii

Being the only rabies-free state in the country, Hawaii has strict rules when it comes to bringing pets into the state. These rules are set forth in order to maintain our fragile eco-system and to ensure protection of residents and animals residing here.

If you are planning to move to Hawaii and would like to bring your pet, here are some things to consider. If you need assistance with moving your pet or have shipping questions, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Do Your Research - Find you which animals are allowed and prohibited in Hawaii and if there are any specific guidelines in bringing them to the state.

What Are Your Options? - Pet owners have three (3) options when bringing a pet to the state of Hawaii. They can do a direct airport release, a 5 Day-or-less program or a full 120 day (4 month) quarantine. Visit the State of Hawaii's Animal Quarantine Information Page for more information.

Service Dogs - Service dogs have modified quarantine requirements when entering Hawaii, so if you have a guide or service dog, here is a link to the guidelines.

Weigh the Costs - Other than the airline or shipping charges, each shipping program option mentioned above would cost differently. Direct Release at the airport may be around $165 per animal, the 5 Day-or-Less program is around $224, and if you opt for a full 120-day quarantine, that could cost you $1,080. If your pet arrives sooner than their eligible date of entry, they will be quarantined and charged $14.30 per day in addition to program fees.

Work with a reliable shipping company like Pack and Ship Hawaii. We import and export cargo on a regular basis and have access to reliable shipping lines and ocean freight resources which help keep our rates low and competitive.

Click here to learn more about our services and how we can help.

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