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How to Pack for Your Move To Hawaii

Packing for a move is no small feat! If you're moving to a new state, the preparation may seem more daunting. But it doesn't have to be! Here are some tips on how to pack for your move to Hawaii.

Use The Right Box Size - This will ensure that your items don't get damaged. Using oversized boxes may lead to your items shifting around in transit, Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for the lighter items. Make sure your protect and insulate fragile items with bubble wrap as they will be placed on a ship and items will shift around.

Categorize - To help organize your items, pack similar items in the same box (all CDs and DVDs in one box, all bathroom items together, etc). This will help when it's time to unpack. Try packing room by room to help ensure that all items will be unpacked and placed in the same place.

Mark Your Boxes - After you go room by room, make sure you label each box so that you know where it will go when it arrives in your new home. Don't forget to label "Fragile" items as well! Another good idea would be to number your boxes before shipping it off. Make sure you also have an inventory of what items are in each box.

If you need help moving your household items or even your car, Pack and Ship Hawaii can help! Contact us today for more information. We import and export cargo on a regular basis and have access to reliable shipping lines and ocean freight resources which help keep our rates low and competitive.

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